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Sarah Minty


Sarah Minty is an independant, local Pilates Instructor. She has been involved with pilates for over ten years and loves to help anyone with a similar interset, both young and old.

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If you are new to Pilates then you will find lots of interesting information about Joseph Pilates and the History behind this wonderfull activity.

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Where are the classes


I teach at a number of different local halls in Langport, Fivehead, Drayton & Hambridge. Just follow the link to find out more...


Stretch your body and relax your mind




I have tried other forms of exercise but never continued, basically because I didn't really enjoy what I was doing. Since starting the Pilates class with Sarah I look forward each week to the session and even practise at home. A ' first ' for me !


J.J - North Curry



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Whether you're a current client with an enquiry or just want some advice, I am here to help. Call me whenever you need advice of any kind.

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